Bacalhau do Barents ®

Bacalhau Barents ® is a Fish Processing Industry, that produces Dry Salted Cod and Desalted Deepfrozen Cod.

Founded in 1996, Barents ® has been responsible for introducing into the Portuguese and International Market, Codfish that is qualified as Cured Traditional Portuguese Cod, this antique method guarantees all the quality in its texture and taste.

All the main stages of codfish processing, are handled by a vast professional team, with decades of experience, that has been transformed into a form of art.


Barents ® Cod has a wide range of Products that can be consulted in our Catalog.


Much is said about the origins of Cod. For it is in the Barents Sea that the “Gadus morhua” is found and captured. The most noble of all species belonging to the Gadidae family. Cod looks for the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where it freely explores the icy sea and it’s currents that are essential for it’s development.


Barents ® exports Dry and Desalted Deep frozen Cod for the European and Intercontinental Markets.


Bacalhau do Barents ® uses the following brands:

Pramesa ® / Ribau ® / LOMBO ALTØ ® / Barents ®


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